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We create fully customized, awe-inspiring events so that all you have to do is arrive ready to celebrate!

A Wedding Planning Team You Can Trust 

Imagine feeling so present throughout your engagement that you’re able to fully experience this season with the love of your life. Before you know it, our team of Orlando wedding planners has woven together a wedding experience with details that tell your love story like the perfectly imperfect fairytale that it is.

At Blush, we believe in pampering our couples with the kind of one-on-one, fully customized service that puts your restless minds at ease. Your vision, our expertise, one flawless night to remember. 

Bespoke Wedding Planning

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Full-service wedding planning in Orlando & St. Augustine

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You're the one

You could not be more ready to marry your forever love. And as you start to picture yourselves on your wedding day, you’re imagining all the phone calls, emails, appointments, decisions, and trips home that stand between you and “I do.” 

What if there was an easier way? What if you could have your cake and eat it too, with the help of an exceptional team whose only goal is to make your wedding perfect? After all, you’re busier than ever, but that doesn’t have to stand in your way as you plan the wedding of your dreams.

And we're here to tell  you...

You deserve the dreamiest day imaginable.

You see, you’re just like us. We believe the magic is in the details and in the moments you share with the people you care for the most. Our credibility, our longstanding relationships with our vendors in our community, and our commitment to our couples are what equips us to create such seamless and memorable experiences.

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"Working with Jess was the absolute highlight of my wedding planning experience!"

She was the most valuable resource we had hands down, from the first call to our wedding day! Both me and my husband truly enjoyed every call, meeting and recommendation that came from her. I am someone who knew I wanted to be very involved in the process, and my husband is more laid back. Jess took the time to get to know both of us individually and our vision. We truly trusted any recommendation she made, and are so happy we did-everything turned out better than we could have imagined. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, stress-free, and best of all we got to enjoy every moment with our guests because the details were already handled-we 100% have Jess & Blush to thank for that!

- Amelia & Joey

What our clients have to say...

"Because of Ali at Blush, nothing went wrong and everything was PERFECT"

From the beginning of my wedding planning experience, all of my friends and family kept telling me not to expect my wedding day to go perfectly, to expect that something would go wrong… I can honestly say that because of Ali at Blush, nothing went wrong and everything was PERFECT. She is amazing and I am so happy and thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work with her. I am a control freak, so to let someone else help me on my wedding day was a big deal for me and looking back, I really couldn't have done it without her knowledge, experience, & coordination. She is THE BEST at what she does.

- Jamie & Omar

What our clients have to say...

A worry-free, bespoke experience

We earned the title of Orlando and St. Augustine's leading wedding and event planning service because of our commitment to a worry-free, bespoke experience. Leave it to us (the ones who plan weddings for a living!), so you can focus on what matters most.

And for all our out-of-town brides? We still got you covered. No matter if we work with mom to do the cake tasting or work with dad to approve flower arrangements, we’re committed to working with you and the people who matter most to you. The result? A wedding that feels authentic to your unique love story!

Are we speaking your love language?

Meet the ones who make the magic happen

Call us wedding planners, love story aficionados, self-taught seamstresses, cheerleaders, or people who are simply obsessed with the details. No matter the hat we’re wearing in the moment, each of our team members has the know-how to create a seamless event that's everything you imagined and more.



Enneagram: 1
Fun fact: I’m McDonald’s biggest fan, but I also reached signature status with Chick-Fil-A.
Favorite part about a wedding: The father/daughter dance, especially now that we have three daughters of our own!


Sr. Planner | Operations Director

Enneagram: 1
Fun fact: I practice Kung Fu regularly with my husband and son, and I'm close to getting my black belt.
Favorite part about a wedding: When the couple sees each other for the first time — whether that’s during the first look or the minute the bride walks down the aisle. The groom’s face is priceless.

Sr. Planner | Team Development



Enneagram: 1
Fun fact: My Jack Russell terriers name is Stuart after the town my husband and I met and he will do any tricks for treats.
Favorite part about a wedding: the Last Dance when everyone has left the room except for the couple. It’s the first moment they get to spend alone and I think even more special than their first dance.

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Enneagram: 1
Fun fact: I love nature and plants, even though I have the furthest thing from a green thumb. I have a life goal to visit all the National Parks. #ParksInTheParks.
Favorite part about a wedding: The couple’s entrance into the reception — I love that this is such a high-energy moment. And the couple, their friends, and their families are ready to get the celebration started!




Enneagram: 2
Fun fact: I’m a big live music junkie. I am usually up for any concert, anytime, anywhere. And I have an extensive bucket list to get through!
Favorite part about a wedding: The first look is my favorite part. I love seeing the couples reactions to each other. The reactions are pure and filled with love, it’s the best moment. 


Associate Coordinator

Enneagram: 1
Fun fact: I live on iced tea from McDonald's and can't go a day without it 
Favorite part about a wedding: Cake.... just kidding (kind of, although I do always have a small piece. It is my reward as it typically the last formality of the night). I love the last moment between a bride and her father right before they walk down the aisle and then watching the couple come together at the alter during the ceremony. There is just something so special and emotional in those two moments.


Associate Coordinator

Enneagram: 8
Fun fact: I’ve never seen snow and I’ve ran a marathon twice.

Favorite part of a wedding: The small moments the couples get with each other through out the day. First looks, walking out of the ceremony and they have 20 seconds in the room before the rest of the bridal party shows up. When they are walking together during their couple photos. One couple started dancing before making their grand entrance. You could just see their love. Those are the moments that you can really see how much the couple loves each other. It’s the best! 


Sr. Planner / Sales Manager

Enneagram: 3
Fun fact: It’s on my bucket list to visit every Disney Park in the world!
Favorite part about a wedding: The moment before the couple enters the reception and the guests are cheering. It’s exactly why you have a wedding, so everyone gets to celebrate your love.

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Just like us, you don't settle for good enough. We take the same approach as we do with weddings for our events — leaving you with peace of mind that your event is in the hands of experts that know first impressions are everything.

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