Welcome Basket ideas for your wedding

welcomebasketIf you are thinking of adding an extra touch to your wedding by doing welcome baskets, we have some great ideas for you! Guests always appreciate a thoughtful gesture from the bride and groom and what better way to surprise your guests and thank them for traveling so far for you, than by welcoming them to your wedding celebration with a special basket of goodies. If you’re stumped for ideas, here are a few of our favorites!


The Hangover Basket


This would include water of course; some type of energy drink, saltine crackers, pain relievers, such as Excedrin or Tylenol, gum and anything else you think would cure your guest from having too much fun at your wedding.





The Florida Beach Wedding Welcome Basket

beach-wedding-welcome-bagsThis basket could actually be a beach bag which would have two beers (Corona is very fitting!) or a bottle of wine, 2 waters, sunscreen, chap stick, flip flops, snacks, a magazine maybe about Florida with places to visit, a towel and some good snacks.






The Coffee Lovers Basket

coffee basket

Are you and your groom all about coffee? If so, this is a very cute idea to share a little bit of your personalities and love for coffee with your guests. There are endless ways to create this one, but including your favorite coffee beans, two mugs, and some snacks that go well with coffee is a good place to start.




At the Spa Basket

at the spa bridal basket

This one sounds relaxing just thinking about it! This might be a basket strictly for your bridal party, but it’s still worth mentioning.  This could include face creams, chocolates, slippers, shower gels, pedicure accessories, face masks and more.






The Breakfast Basket

breakfast basketThis one is so, so cute! Who doesn’t love to have a little something to munch on in their room the morning after their late night out? This basket could include simple breakfast items like fruit, Orange Juice, water and muffins.






The Mini Bar and Snack Basket

mini bar basket

This one is great because everyone loves a little starter drink to get the night going, so include a few sodas to mix with some mini liquor bottles along with some peanuts, chips and candies and your guests are sure to love it.







I know we could go on and on, but hopefully these gave you some good ideas for your welcome baskets as they are some of our favorites that we’ve seen so far! Don’t forget to add special touches to these that describe you and your groom and a personal note welcoming them to your event. Also, if you have an itinerary or tips for them while they are away from home, be sure to include that as well.

sign for baskets

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