The Life of the Party!

Just from spending the day with the staff at Arthur’s Catering I could tell that they are so much more than just a catering team, they are a family. They go beyond the typical friendships at work and they extend into the care and compassion of friends. What really set them a part from a typical work environment, is that the company takes the time at lunch to eat as an entire team with the food that was prepared by the incredible chefs on staff. Not only does it serve as a break in the middle of the day, but they get to experience the flavors and cuisines that are created and served to their clients.

In addition to being a part of their lunch, I was able to sit it on their weekly meeting that went over the past weekend, the planning for the upcoming week with the chef, as well as the compilation of a proposal. I spent the day with Event Designer, Lori Player as well as sat with their Digital Marketing Specialist, Shantel Campbell (talk about an informative day!). Both ladies, Lori and Shantel, were able to give me such incredible insight into their specialties within the company, and I couldn’t wait to share all the knowledge that I had gained with the Blush team!

While sitting with Shantel I asked about some of her favorite foods from Arthur’s and she had mentioned the Avocado Bar, which is an apparent fan favorite. While I’m not a fan of the fruit itself, the way they display and design the bar had my mouth watering! Funny enough, I had the opportunity to experience it myself not too long after my shadowing with the team at a photo shoot for a new venue. After my first bite, I was hooked and could clearly see why it was a deemed as a favorite. From the Avocado Bar to the Hokee Poke Station, Arthur’s Catering is able to create all the sensational foods that will help to bring your event to life, and that is how I know they truly are the life of the party!

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