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All of our fabulous Blush weddings this Spring have kept me from our series “How well do you know the ladies of Blush” but in honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I had to jump on the blog to introduce you to our incredible Office Manager, Jessica Cole!

Jessica and her husband Steve have 2 boys that keep them busy! Caleb (7) and Ethan (9) attend the same school as our daughters and Jessica and I work closely together in our roles at the school. We had an instant chemistry! Jessica is good at everything I am not! She is the yin to my yang! She loves “doing” while I love “creating and casting vision”. She loves computer work while I’d prefer to be bopping around town dress shopping, food tasting, flower picking! Ira and I knew we needed her (not just someone like her) to join our team to take us to the next level. But she played hard to get….

Jessica and Steve serve as missionaries on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and leaving staff was not something Jessica was prepared to do so she turned us down the first time we asked:-( As hard as I tried to find someone else, I knew it had to be her….and so we waited. After several months, she ended my agony and jumped on board with Blush and I honestly can’t remember what life was like before her. She knows what I need before I need it and does everything with joy and excitement! She is incredibly detailed, never flustered and she loves interacting with our clients!

We know Jessica is a true blessing to our team and believe God brought her to us in His perfect timing! Thank you Jess for all you do to help us exceed our client’s expectations!

Enjoy these fun photos from our afternoon at Disney with Concept Photography and Steve’s answers to my questions on love and marriage!

What is your favorite quality about your wife (character quality, not physical:-)
Her faithfulness

How long have you been married? 
13.5 years

What was your favorite part about your wedding? 
The music, and maybe the little joke my groomsmen played on us about not having the ring.

What was your role in planning your big day? 
I helped pick the music, the tuxes for me and the groomsmen, the photographer, decide on guests and get addresses. Otherwise, I think it was just to show up.

What is your secret to a happy marriage?
Giving and supporting time out of the house and doing hobbies (running, jazzercise, girls nights out). Hmm, and punctuality. 🙂

If you had to describe your wife to a total stranger, what would you say?
Friendly, though introverted, admin (task and time) queen, active, loves entertainment, and has beautiful blue-gray eyes.

What do you think your wife does exactly when she’s working (at a wedding or planning for a wedding)? 
Contracts, excel, emailing, filing…unless she’s assisting a coordinator at a wedding, and then I think she’s a gorgeous gopher.

What made you fall in love with your wife? 
Her friendship, supportiveness, and her being physically active.

Any advice for guys getting ready to propose or for those planning their weddings? 
Planning – be there being supportive or engaged in the process as much as she wants. And plan for time to rest in the first 24 hours when it’s over, because she, and maybe you, could be really tired.

Meet Jess
Meet Jess  Meet Jess

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