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We’re kicking off this month by continuing our Meet the Team series and introducing to you all Mr. Ira Gaar. Not only has he been the silent backbone of our company from the very beginning, but he continues to be the leading force behind the scenes of Blush!

Central Florida Wedding Planner

How long have you been with Blush by Brandee Gaar? This year we are blessed to share that Blush will be celebrating 11 years providing Luxury Wedding and Event Coordination in the Central Florida area. I have always enjoyed working behind the scenes and allowing my wife Brandee the ability to be who the Lord created her to be in the Wedding industry. In 2012 we had to make the decision for me to either come on full time and handle the administrative side of the business or hire someone. Trusting by faith what we believe to be the Lord’s will, I resigned from my sales position in the corporate world and became full- time behind the scenes and began developing plans, policies, and payroll for Blush by Brandee Gaar. We haven’t looked back!!

What is your role? Every great production has a tremendous cast and crew. Brandee, Alison and the ladies of Blush are the stars! I am the “behind the scenes crew” handling a little bit of everything from the handyman to computer I.T., to book-keeping and payroll. What I appreciate the most is being able to discuss and plan business goals for the future and I am sometimes a counselor and therapist:-)

Have you ever had to assist at a wedding, if so how was it? Yes! And it is not where I thrive! I am great at picking things up and putting things down. Task-oriented!!! Need me to set tables and chairs, I am on it! On the other hand, I am easily distracted if not working on a project and you will usually find me chatting with one of our incredibly talented vendor partners, asking them about their trade. We work with THE BEST teams in central Florida!!

Did you help to plan your wedding? Now, why would I do that to myself!?? Haha! But seriously, my bride had been planning this day since she was a young girl so unless asked, I had very few opinions. To me, the most important decision had already been made and that was all I needed! The first time I took Brandee away during our dating years was to St. Augustine, FL and we both fell in love with this historic city. So it was almost immediate that we both decided to host a destination wedding and invite our friends and family to experience the city that we loved! Once that was decided, I really only had 2 requests: I wanted to do a ghost tour after our rehearsal dinner and I wanted to cut our wedding cake with a real medieval sword! Haha! Brandee knew even then to pick her battles so she gave in to both of these crazy ideas and she pretty much ran with the rest of the details.

Central Florida Wedding Planner
ira wedding2

Although you are behind the scenes, is there one thing, in particular, you love about weddings? I love the production of an event on the day of. All the months of planning resulting in the bustling and hustling, culminating in the reality of the bride’s vision built in a single spectacular day! Brandee and her ladies make the production breath-taking and effortless for their brides!!

How do you spend your time on the weekends? We enjoy being outside and enjoying the weather especially late winter and early spring. Perfect weather to do something as simple as fly kites and play fetch with our Black Lab Jack or head to the coast or Disney World to stand in line for the Avatar Pandora ride for a couple hours! I enjoy loving on my family! Thankful to Jesus for all that we have, the good the bad and the ugly.

Central Florida Wedding Coordinator
Central Florida Wedding Coordinator

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