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Wedding Planners are only for the rich and famous, right? The average bride always thought that she couldn’t afford or need one, but you’ll find that a wedding planner is for any bride that is smart about planning her wedding and wants to save time and money! Read below to learn about our thoughts on the Yahoo! article 10 Things the Wedding Industry Won’t Tell You

Don’t get burned
With vendors being hit hard by the recession, there has been a greater risk of them going out of business before your big day. Too often we hear stories of a bride losing her deposit to a vendor who has gone out of business or a bride scrambling last minute to find another vendor to fill the spot of the one that took her money and ran off. A quality wedding planner has spent time building relationships with vendors they trust and know won’t leave any of their brides behind. A business is not going to share with you if they are having financial struggles and many have gone out of business leaving the bride stranded. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a wedding planner is to have the reassurance that the only vendors they would lead you to are the ones they know and trust to ensure your big day will go seamlessly and without complications.

Inspiration Overload
With the movement of the internet and the availability of information online, couples have felt the pressure by the growing number of boards and online planning tools and the encouragement to add creative and sometimes pricey details to their wedding , but when is enough, enough? These handmade, do it yourself displays and ideas are made to look so simple and easy online, but in the end turn out to be expensive disasters in person. The time required to create your dream has you running from store to store, spending money here and there, gathering supplies and requiring countless hours to assemble, leaving you little time to focus on the enjoyment of your big day. If you want the unique look, let your planner offer suggestions that make it easy and simple for you to do it. Trust me, you will pay a lot less for a creative touch without the hassle of wasting your own time running around finding the details. An experienced wedding planner has a wealth of knowledge, your time is money, and your planners job is to save you money by finding inspirations that describe your taste and gives your wedding its own special touch without emptying your wallets!

Extra fees for questions…what?
Did you know that vendors have increased their prices or charged extra fees to that “needy bridezilla”? Some vendors have even outlined the number of emails, phone calls and meetings you are allowed to have with them before you pay extra. This is due to the frequency of communication they experience with brides. Many of these questions are simple and many of these questions can be answered by your experienced wedding planner saving you from extra expenses from the vendor. Room layouts, food pairings, wedding etiquette, linens, and more can all be discussed between you and your planner. An experienced planner has worked with many of the venues within your city and knows many of the choices and options available to you for your wedding day. Use your wedding planner as a resource to help you construct your details such as room layout, food pairings, ceremony set up and more so you don’t get tagged with extra fees!

You must use vendors off a preferred vendor list.
Many venues have exclusive vendor list and while it makes it safe for a venue, it is not always beneficial for a bride trying to negotiate pricing. When vendors have exclusivity, it can push costs higher for the bride. Your wedding planner cannot only warn you of this ahead of time (saving you time and money) but they can also direct you to their preferred vendors who have discounted their services for their brides. Therefore you do not have to sacrifice quality for a lower cost. A reputable wedding planner passes those savings onto you without jeopardizing your dream wedding.

Awards Galore—or are they just paying advertisers?
So many vendors flaunt awards now a day, you wonder how did they really earn those? What are the criteria? Too many wedding websites offer awards for just about anything but are those accolades truly earned or granted through advertising dollars? Reading online reviews from other brides is not only popular but important among the bridal community. After all, it can give you a real, and usually unbiased perspective of that vendor and their services, but receiving references and reviews from a well-known and reputable wedding planner is equally as important. Your wedding planner works with these vendors and experiences them from a completely different angle than a bride. They experience multiple weddings and know the difference between the award winning vendor and the not so experienced vendor. So while its good to trust your fellow brides’ reviews online, your wedding planner can assure you whether the fluff is worth the extra dollar or not!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Your wedding planner knows your budget and a good wedding planner will do everything in their power to include every detail you want as part of your wedding into your budget. Yes, its true that too much attention to detail can quickly increase your wedding expenses, but when you have hired an experienced planner, you won’t have to sacrifice your details due to budget! Let her tap into her resources and wealth of knowledge to show you just how your details can fit in to your big day without increasing cost. A planner can offer you less expensive but similar options, products and ideas helping you save money!

Perception is everything!
Many vendors have crafted proposals based on what they think a bride needs and can get a sense of your finances from the reception site you’ve booked or simply by the size of your ring! The reality is that most brides try to cut cost wherever they can and a wedding planner, not only can negotiate these cost for you, but only refer vendors that they can trust with your needs, not ones that will inflate proposals to make extra money off of the bride. Most planners can attend meetings with you to protect you from getting taken advantage of, saving you time and money!

Weeding out the amateurs!
Many vendors can look like a pro, create a fancy website, give you their list of credentials and a great presentation, but how do you really know their quality of service and reliability? You’ve never planned your wedding before, you’ve never shopped the wedding industry before and unfortunately many brides hunt for vendors on their own and hire ones with little to no professional experience. To avoid the possibility of trusting your event to an amateur, have your wedding planner give you background information on your vendor choices. Ask them to tell you about the vendors you are meeting with and what questions you should be asking these vendors to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. You only plan to get married once, so let your wedding planner help you make it the most memorable and stress free experience of your life!!

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